Wood-Mizer FS500 Bi-Directional Log Splitter

Built in the U.S.A.
Bi-Directional Splitting
42 Ton / 3,000 PSI

Generating 42 lots of drive with a rugged 630 CC engine, the FS500 log splitter splits picket in each instructions and produces As much as 3 cords of firewood an hour with a 4.5 2nd cycle time. That includes a typical heavy-responsibility trailer package deal, 2-level hydraulic pump, oil cooler, log elevate, and electrical get started, this totally-loaded log splitter is able to paintings for industrial picket splitting operations. FS500 Options: – Bi-directional splitting – Honda gasoline 630cc engine – 42 ton splitting drive – 28 GPM, 2-level hydraulic pump – As much as 3 cords/hour manufacturing
Inbuilt the usA.
Bi-Directional Splitting
42 Ton / 3,000 PSI
4.5 sec Cycle Time
Most Log Period – 24″


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