Wood Fired Pizza Oven with Mosaic Tiles & Cast Iron Door

Outdoor pizza oven
Mosaic tiles, cast iron door
Wood fired, insulated

It is a traditional and fully insulated wood pizza oven made in Portugal! See more models from Grills n Ovens LLC. Great for pizza and bread, meat, fish, vegetables! This oven has an important cast iron door and is tiled by hand. Stainless steel chimney, removable lifting eyes. The oven is fully insulated! The base of the oven is 43″x43″ The inside diameter of the oven (cooking area) is approx. 30″. The chimney diameter is 6″, the weight of the oven is approx. 1300 lbs. The oven is about 30″ high.The door is 15.7″ wide and 13.7″ high.The core of the oven is created from natural terracotta clay – both the dome and the floor. The clay core is fired in a pottery kiln for hours under much higher T than the oven might be exposed to in course of regular use. The base is reinforced with rebars and is created from concrete with expanded clay below cooking surface to offer insulation for the floor. The following layer is expanded clay (leca) used widely in Portugal and Spain for oven insulation. It also serves to beef up the oven. The following layer is rock wool across the dome for insulation. The following layer is chicken wire to hold the rock wool together and to beef up the cement which is applied on top. The following layer is again expanded clay for further insulation. The following layer is mosaic tiles, applied by hand with high heat adhesives. There’s a temperature gauge in Centigrade. Unlike the gauges at the doors which can be needless for the reason that door is open more often than not this one is inserted within the oven itself and subsequently all the time monitors T! These ovens are obviously completely hand made! Prior to the first use the oven must be “cured” because of this running a couple of small fires a couple of hours every – we will be able to email you detailed instructions on how to do that. It is a quite simple but important step designed to get rid of all moisture from the cement covering the oven. Even after it though the oven will have some cracks – both outside and inside, that is typical of all wood fired ovens.
Outside pizza oven
Mosaic tiles, cast iron door
Wood fired, insulated
Great heat retention
1200 lb


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