Wind Turbine Generator Kit

12 Volt Power Generator
Cell Phone Charging
LED Lights

This wind turbine kit features a Small Wind Turbine Generator, a tail kit, two LED mild diodes, 12 volt 2.3 Ah rechargeable battery, 12 volt socket adapter and detailed directions for all kinds of tests. Perform inside of with a fan or arrange outdoors to harness Energy from the wind. This kit works neatly at home, for RVs, remote cabins, and tenting. The turbine is one piece so no assembly is needed. Many of us world wide are the use of these wind turbines as a result of they’re protected, environment friendly, and user pleasant. Along with tower deploy for charging batteries, wind turbines can be utilized for checking out and experimenting with new inventions. This wind turbine has been used on automobiles, bicycles, kites and kinetic wind sculptures. Generate as much as 15 watts at the same time as charging a 12 volt battery. Energy LED Lighting, non-public electronics, air pumps, and more.
12 Volt Energy Generator
Mobile phone Telephone Charging
LED Lighting
12 Volt Plug
Battery Included


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