Whitfield Pellet Stove – Room Air Convection Blower Fan

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RPM: 3000 ; Voltage: 115 VAC 60 Hz
Warranty: 1 Year

Ultra Quiet Engineering If you wish to have Peace and Quiet with Low Vibration…You discovered the best motor. This motor is so quiet; you will not understand your stove is on. Fasco uses the easiest standards of engineering with portions calibrated inside 1/10,000th of an inch. The room for error is so small is needs to be checked the usage of a microscope. This motor is designed for Variable Speed which requires top of the range electronic parts now not included in different motors. Prime temperature rubber bushings and washers are used to Damper Vibration. Warmth Aid Fasco Exhaust Motors are examined to run 24/7 in hot and dusty atmospheres. Interior cooling fan designed for warmth Aid. Calibrated for prime stress operations which assists in keeping the motor cooler and makes it last more. This combined with Ultra Quiet Engineering ends up in a motor that lasts a long time whilst closing quiet.
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RPM: 3000 ; Voltage: 115 VAC 60 Hz
Guaranty: 1 Year
Variable Speed
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