vintrons Replacement Battery For HITACHI MSW-970,MSW-970P,PDW-510,PDW-510P,PDW-530,PDW-530P,PDW700

Capacity: 10400mAh / 149.76Wh
Type: Li-ion
Volts: 14.4V

vintrons Alternative Battery For HITACHI MSW-970,MSW-970P,PDW-510,PDW-510P,PDW-530,PDW-530P,PDW700
Please be sure each Type and battery section quantity are matched together with your tool.

– Suitable Type:
IKEGAMI HC-four hundred, HL-forty five, HL-fifty seven, HL-fifty nine, HL-59W,
PHILIPS LDX-one hundred ten, LDX-one hundred twenty, LDX-one hundred forty, LDX-one hundred fifty,
SONY BC-L100CE, BVM-D9, BVM-D9H1A (Broadcast Screens), BVM-D9H1A(Broadcast Screens), BVM-D9H1E (Broadcast Screens), BVM-D9H1E(Broadcast Screens), BVM-D9H1U (Broadcast Screens), BVM-D9H5A (Broadcast Screens), BVM-D9H5A(Broadcast Screens), BVM-D9H5E (Broadcast Screens), BVM-D9H5E(Broadcast Screens), BVM-D9H5U (Broadcast Screens), BVM-D9H5U(Broadcast Screens), BVP-five, BVP-50, BVP-550W, BVP-7, BVP-70, BVP-ninety, BVP-BVV5, BVW-2 hundred, BVW-three hundred (With BKW-L601 or BKW-L601/ 2 Battery Adaptor), BVW-three hundred(With BKW-L601 or BKW-L601/2 Battery Adaptor), BVW-300P (With BKW-L601 or BKW-L601/ 2 Battery Adaptor), BVW-300P(With BKW-L601 or BKW-L601/2 Battery Adaptor), BVW-four hundred, BVW-400A, BVW-400P (With BKW-L601 or BKW-L601/ 2 Battery Adaptor), BVW-400P(With BKW-L601 or BKW-L601/2 Battery Adaptor), BVW-505, BVW-507, BVW-550, BVW-570, BVW-590, BVW-D600, DCR-50 (DVCAM VTR), DCR-50(DVCAM VTR), DCR-50P (DVCAM VTR), DCR-50P(DVCAM VTR), DNV-7, DNV-7P, DNW-7, DNW-7P, DNW-ninety, DNW-90P, DNW-90WS, DNW-90WSP, DNW-9WS, DNW-9WSP, DNW-A220, DNW-A225, DNW-A25, DNW-A25 (Transportable Recorder), DNW-A25(Transportable Recorder), DNW-A25P (Transportable Recorder), DNW-A25P(Transportable Recorder), DNW-A25WS (Transportable Recorder), DNW-A25WS(Transportable Recorder), DNW-A25WSP (Transportable Recorder), DNW-A25WSP(Transportable Recorder), DNW-A28( Betacam SX Recorder), DNW-A28(Betacam SX Recorder), DNW-A28P (Betacam SX Recorder), DNW-A28P(Betacam SX Recorder), DSR-1, DSR-250, DSR-250P, DSR-three hundred, DSR-300A, DSR-300AP, DSR-300F, DSR-300K, DSR-300L, DSR-300P, DSR-300PF, DSR-300PK, DSR-300PL, DSR-370, DSR-370K1, DSR-370K2, DSR-370L, DSR-370P, DSR
Capability: 10400mAh / 149.76Wh
Sort: Li-ion
Volts: 14.4V
Dimension : 152.00 x 96.00 x 53.00mm
Certificated with ISO9001, RoHS & CE


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