Uuni 2S Wood-Fired Oven with Stone Baking Board

Wood-fired oven capable of 932°F
Cooks a pizza in 60 seconds
Heats up in just 10 minutes

“The Uuni oven could also be your new favourite kitchen tool” – LA Times 

“For those who consider only professional pizzaiolos and heirs to rambling estates within the Italian countryside will have their very own wood-fired ovens, it’s time to think outside the pizza box – Say hello to Uuni 2S!” – The Wall Street Journal

Uuni 2S fits in any outside space and is portable. It runs on wood pellets, creating a genuine wood-fired taste and revel in. No longer only for pizza, Uuni is great for meat, roast veggies, fish, desserts and more. Uuni is to be had in over 50 countries, has received improbable reviews globally and we even plant a tree for each and every Uuni and bag of pellets we sell!

Extreme 932°F heat
Uuni 2S gets as much as 932°F which lets you cook things truly fast. You’ll make a wood-fired pizza in just 60 seconds! 

Uuni is powered by wood pellets which can be very energy-dense and cheap; they’re like regular wood excluding compressed. No additives, no hidden extras. Just wood. The pellets ignite easily & Uuni takes just 10 minutes to heat up, from cold to 932°F.

Lasts a lifetime
Uuni is made of gorgeous brushed chrome steel. It weathers and ages as you use it, however it doesn’t rust and just assists in keeping on performing. It’ll make for a key feature to your outside kitchen or barbecue area.

Receive unlimited get right of entry to to our customer toughen and wood-fired recipes. 

What’s included?

• Uuni 2S wood-fired oven
• Pizza peel 
• Stone baking board 
• Manual

*Wood pellets are sold one after the other*



Wood-fired oven in a position to 932°F
Cooks a pizza in 60 seconds
Heats up in just 10 minutes
Powered by wood pellets
Buy right away from us at Uuni, the official manufacturer


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