TubTrug SP14G Small Green Flex Tub, 14 Liter

Frost and uv proof means your tubtrug won’t degrade in sunlight or frost
Super-strong handles
Flexible yet very, very strong

Utilized by execs the International over, Tubtrugs are build to last-two extraordinarily robust handles and versatile body make handling a Tubtrug much more straightforward than any average bucket or tub. Tubtrugs have bolstered ribbing for added-strength and super-robust comfort grip handles. These tricky guys also are frost-evidence and UV-resistant. Our small sized Tubtrug holds approximately 3.7 gallons and is perfectly sized for small tasks and ideally fitted to be used by kids as a play toy, organizer or travel to the beach. Food grade certification signifies that this one may also be safely used as a water bowl or food container. Nice for catering or collecting veggies from the garden. For smaller sporting wishes like a beach bucket, beverage cooler, planter, or kids’s toy tote. 14 Liters / 3.7 US Gallons, Food Grade Certified.
Frost and uv evidence method your tubtrug would possibly not degrade in daylight or frost
Super-robust handles
Versatile yet very, very robust
Tubtrugs original are comprised of one hundred-p.c food grade plastic
Tubtrugs are appropriate for everybody


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