Treasure Commander TC1X Metal Detector with 10-Inch Coil

Real Tree Extra Camo Housing with a Durable Lightweight Poly Carbonate Construction
8 Metal Categories and Adjustable Discrimination
3 Elimination Modes: All-Metal, Coin and Jewelry

Hey, Jack, that is the thrill approach to hunt for hidden treasure! The ten” submersible coil reveals treasure even as getting rid of trash and junk. Aim ID meter tells you what is within the floor ahead of you dig. Make a choice from 8 Steel Classes and 3 Removal modes: all Steel, coin and jewellery. Provides 4 HD identifying audio tones, adjustable discrimination and backlit interface with intensity indicator. Actual Tree housing with 3.5mm headphone jack (headphones bought one at a time). Makes use of 6 AA batteries (bought one at a time).
Actual Tree Additional Camo Housing with a Sturdy Light-weight Poly Carbonate Building
8 Steel Classes and Adjustable Discrimination
3 Removal Modes: All-Steel, Coin and Jewellery
4 Particular person HD Audio Tones and 3.5mm Headphone Jack
Unique Molded Trigger Design


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