Tiger Foam E-84 Fast Rise 200 Bd/Ft Spray Foam Insulation Kit

ASTM E-84 fire rated, closed-cell, fast rise formula.
Cured R-Value of up to R6 per inch.
Easy-to-use, disposable and recyclable tanks.

Tiger Foam E-84 Class 1 Hearth-Rated foam insulation is a multipurpose, two-section, closed-cell polyurethane formula particularly manufactured for superior insulation and Hearth retardancy. The packaging, delivery system, and elements were designed to be user and environmentally friendly. These systems are both transportable and disposable. They’re utterly self-contained to supply flexibility in finish use performance. Tiger Foam E84 Hearth-Rated SPF Class 1 Spray Foam can lend a hand achieve LEED and/ or ENERGY STAR® Certification. With a cured Price of as much as R-6 per inch, Simple-to-use Tiger Foam merchandise generate energy savings across a broad commercial and home applications. A note on shipping: This product can’t ship to a PO box, Should you enter a PO box right through checkout we will be able to be unable to process your order till you supply another shipping cope with. Thanks for figuring out.
ASTM E-84 Hearth rated, closed-cell, speedy upward thrust formula.
Cured R-Price of as much as R6 per inch.
Simple-to-use, disposable and recyclable tanks.
Comes complete with 9.5 ft Gun & Hose, 4 Fan & 4 Cone Nozzle Guidelines
Every kit covers approx. 200 board feet at 1″


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