Tesoro Sand Shark Underwater Metal Detector with 10.5″ Coil

Advanced Digital Pulse Induction Technology

The Tesoro Sand Shark metal combines time-proven Pulse Induction (PI) circuits with the up to date digital technology creating the primary microprocessor controlled PI detector for the brand new Millennium. Pulse Induction metal detectors have all the time been the natural selection for working wet salt beaches. Their circuitry and single loop coils won’t see changes in salt-water conductivity that drive a VLF-taste metal detector crazy. But they do not prevent there.
Select Your Operating Mode

The Tesoro Sand Shark metal detector has two distinct operating modes: VCO and Standard. When working within the VCO mode, as targets get closer to the coil, the edge generates a louder, upper pitched tone great for pinpointing. The Standard mode works with a single tone and is used for beachcombing and other prolonged searches.

Tesoro has added a microprocessor that can assist you customize the detector on your specific wishes. This metal detecting unit features a Pulse Width regulate which lets you tune your detector to the most efficient balance of depth, sensitivity, and battery life. You’ll also change the Standard mode audio frequency. Merely use the “F” Adjust knob to set the tone and you are ready to head. The Tesoro Sand Shark metal detector also has a brand new drop-In battery compartment for speedy and simple changes. This model is depth rated to Depth 200 Feet. The common battery life is 10 – 20 hours in keeping with your settings.


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