Tesoro Cibola Metal Detector

Lifetime Warranty – Made in USA
Silent Search discriminate
Push Button Pinpoint mode

The Tesoro Cibola Steel detector is designed for the treasure hunter that doesn’t need to trouble with too many controls. It is called after one of the vital fabled seven towns of gold that the conquistadors have been looking after and can simplify the seek for any treasures to be discovered.

The Tesoro Cibola’s primary Seek mode is an ED 180 Silent Seek discriminate. A threshold-based totally All Steel is accessed via the Push Button Pinpoint mode. The benefit of use for the Tesoro Cibola makes it the very best Steel detector for each the Steel detecting newbie in addition to the treasure hunter that has been round for a whilst.

Lifetime Guaranty – Made in USA
Silent Seek discriminate
Push Button Pinpoint mode
three-Piece Knockdown Pole
One Drop-in 9V Battery


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