Sundström SR 500 PAPR Fan Unit, One Size, Blue

Light-weight, balanced and ergonomic design
Dual flow rates
Automatic setting of flow rate and flow control

The SR 500 system is a belt fixed Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) with tight fitting face items and loose fitting head gear that protects against particulates, gases and vapors, or a mixture of both. The SR 500 PAPR system purposes as an alternative choice to Air Purifying Respirators (APR) in all scenarios for which these are beneficial. This is applicable in particular to work that may be laborious, heat or of long-length. The filtered air is provided thru a respiring hose to the tight fitting face piece and loose fitting head gear and too can supply cooling air for the for the employee. Standard applications come with agriculture, asbestos, mould & lead paint abatement, construction & building renovation, demolition, chemical business, food & beverage processing, lead battery plants, medical & health care, metal work, welding retail outlets, pharmaceutical manufacturing, power plants, pulp & paper processing, recycling plants, smelting & foundries, surface preparation, painting, coating, and more. This PAPR assembly includes: SR 500 fan unit, SR 502 battery, R06-0122 battery charger, R06-0101 belt, R03-0346 go with the flow meter, (2 ea.) SR 510 P100/HE particulate filters, (2 ea.) R06-0106 filter out covers, (2 ea.) R06-0105 filter out adapters and manuals.
Lightweight, balanced and ergonomic design
Twin go with the flow rates
Automatic environment of go with the flow rate and go with the flow keep an eye on
Triple warning system – audible/visual/sensory (vibration)
Superior long lasting lithium-ion battery


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