Spazio Pizza Oven Kit by Alfa Forni

Pizza oven kit by Alfa Forni
Large cooking area
Wood fired, indoor & outdoor

The Design. Spazio is designed in the most efficient traditions of Neapolitan oven building – low spherical dome for best possible heat radiation and distribution. Cooking floor and dome are about 2″ thick. The Ease. The oven is straightforward at the budget, easy to gather, easy to suit, and easy to make use of. The dome is composed of most effective 2 pieces which minimizes the mortaring stage – it is important to mortar just 1 joint! All of the oven can also be assembled and insulated in not up to an hour. The oven easily fits into many spaces (“spazio” in fact means “space” in Italian) because of the truth that the interior cooking area is rectangular. It’s made out of the similar prime quality refractory subject matter as Alfa’s more expesnive ovens. The oven comes with the stand-on my own door and a thermometer. Insulation. Rigid mineral board for floor insulation and 1 ceramic blanket for dome insulation are included. The Use. This oven is supposed primarily for personal use – both indoor and out of doors. The whole thing you can want from a wood fired oven: pizzas, slow roasts, llasagnas, focaccias, bread, buns, and so forth. The Arch. Like other Alfa oven this oven comes with the gorgeous ornamental arch. The arch weights an impressive 80 lb, is available in one piece, and is 40″ wide x 20″ high x 7″ deep. Chimney opening at the oven is 14.5″ wide by 6″ deep. All dimensions are very close but approximate because Alfa ovens are completely hand made. The Dimensions. Inside area 31.5″x31.5″ External Width 35.5″ External Depth 40″ N° pizzas at a time 4 Bread baking 17 lb Pizzas in 15 minutes 16 Average wood consumption 11 lb/h Mouth Width 19″ Mouth Height 10″ Weight 480 lb
Pizza oven kit by Alfa Forni
Large cooking area
Wood fired, indoor & out of doors
Beautiful arch
Easy assembly


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