Round Fire Pit Burner Ring by Fire Pit Essentials (Metal, 36 inch)

Round burner for indoor or outdoor gas fire pit, fire table or fireplace
High quality Stainless Steel or Black Steel Construction with drilled burner ports
Natural gas or Propane compatible

Those rounded burners are perfect for outside and indoor fireplace pits, fireplace tables or different fireplace options that experience a rounded or circle form. Stainless-steel Building and moderately drilled burner ports be sure that ease of gas waft and a phenomenal flame to your fireplace pit. Various small and massive sizes of circular ring burners are to be had to suit the scale and diameter of your fireplace pit.
Spherical burner for indoor or outside gas fireplace pit, fireplace table or fireside
Top quality Stainless Metal or Black Metal Building with drilled burner ports
Herbal gas or Propane compatible
Comprises Spherical burner and set up information
Circular form; more than a few diameters with double or triple jewelry for even gas distribution


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