Ridgid 18 Volt Camouflage Heated Jacket Coat with (2) Batteries & Charger

Batteries and Charger Included
3 core heat zones start warming chest and back areas in minutes to evenly distribute heat throughout your core
Heated pockets keeps your hands as warm as your core

RIDGID introduces its new 18-Volt heated jackets. These new jackets have compatibility with all RIDGID slide % 18-Volt batteries. This bare tool comes with an influence supply that permits for USB device charging whilst concurrently heating your jacket. This jacket has 5 warmth zones 3 core warmth zones and a pair of-pocket warmth zones. There are 3 warmth settings per zone and they are able to be heated independently of one another low, medium and top. The multi-layered material actively warms the body and stimulates blood circulation. There is convenient battery storage in an expandable battery pouch or you’ll use the belt clip at the power supply to retailer the battery any place for your belt. This Jacket is paired with: (2) Ridgid 18V batteries, model # R840085 (1) Ridgid 18V Multi-Chemistry Charger, model # R86093
Batteries and Charger Included
3 core warmth zones get started warming chest and back spaces in mins to calmly distribute warmth all the way through your core
Heated pockets assists in keeping your hands as heat as your core
3 warmth settings per zone modify core and pocket warmth zones independent of one another low (blue), medium (white), and top (red)
Integrated USB power port charges phones and different moveable electronics in zippered pocket via USB connection


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