Poultry Numbered Leg Bands Red Size 9 Numbered 26-50

Manage your flock
Bright and easy to read
Easy to put on

Plastic Bandettes – Size 9, Box of 25 Numbered 26-50
These coloured spiral leg bands are fabricated from celluloid (plastic) and feature huge black numbering for simple reading. Leg banding is beneficial for keeping an eye on identical having a look birds to your flock and is a demand for So much APA and ABA sanctioned poultry presentations. So much places best sell leg bands in boxes of 25, however we all know that a few of our shoppers are not looking for that many so we sell them for my part.
Size 9 has an within measurement of nine/16 inches. Sizing is rarely precise, however would possibly have compatibility the next sorts of birds: Runner Ducks, Magpie Ducks, Brahma Bantams, Cochin Bantams, Mille Fleur, Silkies, Anconas hen, Andalusian hens, Leghorns, Ringneck Pheasants
Manage your flock
Bright and Simple to read
Simple to place on


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