Pellet Stove Auger Gear Motor, 1 RPM, 120 volts, 0.51 amps (Whitfield Quest, Merkle-Korff, Earth sto

Cross Reference: 4515U1-063, Whitfield Quest, ninety three-0194, 12046300, ECM-6, V07524ACD9, Traditions & Profile series stoves, Avalon, Austroflamm Breckwell, Merkle-Korff, Nationwide metal Crafters, Lennox Fireplace 6216, Earth stove, Envirofire, Lopi, Pellet Grasp R7-RGM451, V08038AA09, 6216, CAR003, 6807, V0752ACD9. 1 year manufacture guaranty. If you wish to have CCW rotation:You possibly can Eliminate the 3 or 4 screws that Hang the motor to the equipment field. 2 of the screws pass via the bearing housing, you Eliminate the ones leaving the shaft/rotor in place. Flip the motor coil around and reassemble. That is an o.e.m replacement motor.

Below are the directions for correctly reversing the direction of the motor.

Reversing rotation to Couter Clockwise Dealing with the Shaft:

A.) Hang auger motor to your hand with motor aspect Dealing with you.

B.) Eliminate 2 silver screws holding the bearing cap.

C.) Eliminate bearing cap.

D.) Eliminate the silver bolt(s) holding the black magnet in place. (There is also one or two relying on manufacturing)

E.) Eliminate black magnet, turn it over, and place back onto motor. (Don’t turn the shaft, handiest the black magnet)

F.) Reinstall silver bolt(s) on magnet.

G.) Reinstall bearing cap. Reinstall ultimate two silver screws.


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