OutdoorGreatroom PROV-1224-MNB-K Fire Pit Table with Brown Metal Base

Includes diamond glass gems, hose, regulator, gas valve, metal flex hose, natural
Burner cover not included
Powder coated metal base

Options. Comprises diamond glass gem stones hose regulator gasoline valve steel flex hose herbal gasoline orifice and bu. Burner duvet now not integrated. Powder covered steel base. Superfast marbleized noche best. UL indexed fireplace pit burner. Bother unfastened digital piezo Usual use with liquid propane gasoline. Adjustable flame top Advisable to seal fireplace pit
Comprises diamond glass gem stones, hose, regulator, gasoline valve, steel flex hose, herbal
Burner duvet now not integrated
Powder covered steel base
Superfast marbleized noche best
U/L indexed fireplace pit burner


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