Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit “Volta”, Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kit from Italy

Pizza oven kit for indoor or outdoor
Easy modular no-mortar assembly
Made in Italy

Out of doors pizza oven kit “Volta”. View more models from Grills n Ovens LLC. Please note: this listing is for the DIY pizza oven kit pictures within the first image. Other images show completed projects with this kit, this isn’t what we are selling. Please contact us to peer assembly instructions, pictures, and so forth. This listing includes insulation for the oven! 1 box of mineral board for the ground and 1-3 ceramic fiber blankets for the dome. Concerning the kit: The oven is made entirely of ALUTEC® mixture with very high alumina content (70%). Equipped with steel door and thermometer. The oven can be utilized for cooking real Neapolitan pizza, meat, bread, and plenty of other dishes. The oven reaches 1100F even though in practice this T isn’t needed for cooking. The fabric is extremely crack-proof. The oven could be very versatile in that it may be finished with virtually any design as a few of our pictures indicate. The larger sizes of this oven are currently utilized in many restaurants and catering businesses where it needs to stay hot for 10+ hours a day. The Volta oven could also be a very good choice for pizza trailers, offering a reliable cooking engine for fairs, festivals, shows, Out of doors events, and so forth. Once properly insulated the oven could have a quick heat up time: 40 min. to an hour. The chimney opening is located above the front arch which is pictured and supplied with the oven. When the oven door is closed the cooking area throughout the oven is completely enclosed which helps retain the warmth, that is traditional Italian design. The program provides superb and uniform heating of the structure, making heat to be had for cooking long after the fire has been put out. This oven does not want to be covered with mortar! The components of the dome are made to interlock with one any other.
Pizza oven kit for indoor or Out of doors
Easy modular no-mortar assembly
Made in Italy
Top of the range refractory
Ceramic fiber and mineral board insulation


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