Ohio Flame 37in. Lunar Fire Bowl

Made in USA
Individually Numbered Piece of Art
Two Piece Welded Design

The Lunar Artisan Fireplace Bowl from the Skillman Signature Series by way of Ohio Flame emulates the waning profile of Earths closest natural satellite, Luna, the Moon. Designed and crafted by way of native artisan, Matt Skillman, this eclipsing vessel of fireplace is built with high quality and sturdiness. And not using a portions to damage or wear out over the years, this Artisan Fireplace Bowl is built to last a life-time. The Lunar Fireplace Bowl is made from thick carbon American metal that may be sourced from native metal mills. No repairs is needed for this Fireplace Bowl, as its designed to resist the weather year-spherical. The Lunar Fireplace Bowl includes a substantial Rain Drain to permit for water drainage. The Patina End includes a natural iron oxide patina with a view to regularly darken over the years. This Fireplace Bowl is one hundred% American Made and is crafted by way of an area artisan. The Lunar Fireplace Bowl is sponsored by way of Ohio Flames Lifetime Guaranty, ensuring that the Fireplace Bowl will last a life-time.
Made in USA
For my part Numbered Piece of Art
Two Piece Welded Design
No Assembly Required
Lifetime Guaranty


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