Nightstick NS-HMC1 Multi-Angle Helmet Mount

Works with virtually all Fire Helmets and Hard Hats
Fits any flashlight with a 1″ handle diameter
140 Degrees of adjustability

The Multi-Attitude Helmet Mount is a mounting bracket for attaching a flashlight that has a 1″ deal with diameter to the brim of almost any Hearth Helmet or Exhausting Hat. The mount will also be connected to both sides of the helmet to supply fingers-loose illumination for the wearer. Moreover, the consumer can set the perspective of the mount thru 140 Levels of adjustment to supply clearance round face shields, goggles or different helmet-fixed apparatus. The NS-HMC1 comes with the mount, 1 – Mild Mounting Allen Set Screw, 2 – five/sixteen”-18 X 1/four” Brim Mounting Allen Set Screws (for Hearth Helmets), 2 – five/sixteen”-18 X three/eight” Brim Mounting Allen Set Screws (for Exhausting Hats) and the five/sixteen” Allen Wrench. The NS-HMC1 meets the necessities of NFPA-1971-eight.6 (2013).
Works with nearly all Hearth Helmets and Exhausting Hats
Suits any flashlight with a 1″ deal with diameter
140 Levels of adjustability
Meets the necessities of NFPA-1791-eight.6 (2013)
Suits Nightstick TAC Collection Flashlights


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