Mystical Fire Vibrant Colourful Flames Wood Burning Campfire

Mystical Fire
Adds colour to your campfire
Completely safe

Flip a blaze into a rise up of colors by adding a sachet of this modern product we call Mystical Fireplace to any odd campfire, a garden pit brazier or a Chimenea. Toast your marshmallows over a colored flame as your Fireplace turns into a show of vibrant blue, inexperienced, purple and red. Never has lighting fixtures up a fireplace with forged fuel been such a lot amusing. Delight your circle of relatives and mystify your pals! Simply throw in a pack of Mystical Fireplace and watch the thrill. Guaranteed entertainment for no less than 30 mins! This product is totally protected and does no longer contain the rest that would blow up on your face.
Mystical Fireplace
Adds colour in your campfire
Utterly protected
To be had in packs – Make a selection the pack you wish to have


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