Monerator Gusto Solar Portable Generator

Our all new, compact, and light-weight weight solar generator “Gusto” has redefined the which means of green energy!! Gusto is a solar powered backup generator, a very good power supply on your urgent wishes while you encounter an outage, and if you end up out and having amusing along with your circle of relatives. This transportable generator can also be refueled from a solar panel or a wall outlet. Its genius design and fine engineering fully supplied with our in-built lithium battery has made GUSTO compact, lightweight, and secure! Gusto 10 Eco kit includes:
1. Gusto 10 with 125 Wh capacity – 1pc
2. Single solar panel – 1pc
3. LED lighting and holder – 1 set
4. Charger – 1pc
5. Inverter – 1pc
6. USB cord – 1 set
7. User manual – 1pc

LiFePO4 Battery:
Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are advanced technology that may be lighter, more secure, and longer lasting than Different rechargeable cells. In comparison to the average lead-acid batteries found in a solar powered generators, the LiFePO4 will last twice longer and is 3 times lighter.

Main Features:
Build-in Battery Sort: LiFePO4 battery, 12VDC
Life Span: Thousands of cycles
Weight(battery incl.): most effective 4.9lbs
Max total output of power station: 140W or 14A
DC output?8 manner shops to charge your mobile devices, pill PCs, LED lamp and so forth.
AC output: external inverter 12Vdc to 110Vac
Max. AC output: 80W
Charge Input: by solar panel and/or AC charger adaptor
Different Features:
External Battery Input: Yes
Multi-level security measures: Yes
Solar Charge Controller: Included. Build-in


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