MAKITA 193159-1 Battery Pack,18.0V,NiMH,2.6A/hr.

2.6 Amp Hour
Makita Pod Style

Makita 193159-1 18V 2.6Ah Ni-Mh Battery Pod Taste. Multi-touch terminals make sure that a decent connection to the facility instrument even beneath excessive vibration. Surprise-soaking up building protects battery cells towards mud and vibration. Produces as much as 70% longer run instances than usual Ni-Cd batteries. Suits all Makita 18-Volt cordless equipment.
2.6 Amp Hour
Makita Pod Taste
Rechargeable Nickel-Steel Hydride Battery
Works with Charger Fashions: DC1804, DC24SA, DC1822 and DC1439


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