King Kooker 2607 Outdoor Chef’s Smoker/Oven/Stove

Smoking Cabinet with Temperature Gauge
Portable Propane Outdoor Cooker with 16,000 BTU Steel Burner
2 Smoking Cabinet Racks, Removable Water Pan, and Removable Wood Chip Pan with Vented Lid

Bring the cooking comforts of home to the good outdoors. The Out of doors Chef’s Smoker/Oven/Stove combines the cooking options of a smoker, an oven and a stove. Smoke meats and veggies. Bake pizzas and cookies. Warmth oil for frying, or boil water for coffee. Cooker operates off of a 1-pound disposable propane cylinder (offered one after the other). Smoker/Oven/Stove retail outlets within the wearing bag for simple portability. Absolute best for tailgating, searching, fishing, tenting or the outside. The Out of doors Chef’s Smoker/Oven/Stove, your kitchen within the outdoors. Bundle Contains: Smoking Cupboard with Temperature Gauge, Low Force Indexed LP Hose and Regulator with Handbook Valve, 16,000 BTU Metal Burner, 2 Smoking Cupboard Racks, Detachable Water Pan, Detachable Picket Chip Pan with Vented Lid, Back Door for Simple Get entry to and Minimum Warmth Loss, Two Adjustable Facet Dampers, Best Damper, Facet Handles, Cooking Thermometer, Heavy Duty Bag for East Portability and Storage, Instruction/Recipe Booklet. CSA Design Qualified.
Smoking Cupboard with Temperature Gauge
Transportable Propane Out of doors Cooker with 16,000 BTU Metal Burner
2 Smoking Cupboard Racks, Detachable Water Pan, and Detachable Picket Chip Pan with Vented Lid
Heavy Duty Bag for Simple Portability and Storage
CSA design Qualified


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