John Deere Home Service Kit & startron ethanol additive LG257 X520 X540

Logo NEW John Deere Home Repairs Service kit. Plus a 8OZ bottle of Star tron Ethanol remedy. The remedy is helping save you water harm for your fuel system. The kit Number is LG257. It is going to have compatibility the next models: X520 and X540 with a Kawasaki engine in. This kit comprises the whole lot to service your tractor.
It incorporates:

John Deere Oil (3 Quarts) TY22029
Spark Plug (2) BPR4ES
Oil Clear out (1) AM107423
Paper Clear out (1) MIU10906
Pre Clear out (1) MIU10905
Fuel Clear out (1) AM116304We can’t promote portions and accessories to somebody or industry that may be engaged in promoting used apparatus, repairing or providing Repairs products and services on apparatus, or an individual or industry that may be essentially engaged in renting apparatus to finish users. We reserve the fitting to cancel the sale of any item to someone who isn’t the top user of the product.


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