Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets 42mm Seed Starting Plugs #703 – 1000 ea Full Case by Growers Solution

Purchase a full case of 1000 each Jiffy-7 peat pellets #703 42mm, with pellet size: 1 3/4 inch diameter x 1 3/4 inch high
Jiffy products are proven helpers in growing plants.
This pellet is filled with high quality substrate and then compressed to form a pellet.

Couple of minutes Pot Pellets are the convenient, no-mess technique to get started flower and vegetable seeds and cuttings. Simply upload water – pellets expand to shape pot and soil in a single. Canadian sphagnum peat moss supplies a wealthy, top quality rising surroundings. Transplant instantly into the bottom or greater containers minimizing transplant shock and root injury.
Purchase a whole case of 1000 every Couple of minutes-7 peat pellets #703 42mm, with pellet measurement: 1 3/four inch diameter x 1 3/four inch prime
Couple of minutes merchandise are confirmed helpers in rising plants.
This pellet is full of top quality substrate after which compressed to shape a pellet.
Couple of minutes-7 Peat Pellets be offering sooner rooting because of the air pruning that stimulates fibrous root construction inside the plug.
Peat pellets will produce stronger, more compact plants.


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