Jebao SK-40 Floating Pond Skimmer 790GPH

include 790 GPH pump
Floating pond skimmer
UL and ULC Approved pump

Putting in a pond skimmer Clear out does no longer get more uncomplicated than this. The Jebao SK-forty Pond Skimmer is an leading edge, in-pond skimmer Clear out that via-passes cumbersome and labor-in depth install. Compact unit floats at the floor of your pond whilst the integrated 790 gph water pump actively attracts in floating particles. Collected particles is definitely emptied via doing away with the Entice basket for a trouble-free solution to deal with a neatly-groomed pond or water garden. perfect for ponds as much as 2,000 gallons or to be used as a supplementary skimmer to reinforce present pond filtration.
come with 790 GPH pump
Floating pond skimmer
UL and ULC Licensed pump
Entice basket to assemble floating particles
Mechanical Clear out Grid


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