Hydra-Lyte 50 dose

Hydra-Lyte Electrolyte and dietary power complement for younger calves, lambs and foals. Restores standard frame fluid and electrolyte steadiness to lend a hand opposite lack of frame weight. Hydra-Lyte Key Advantages: power – accommodates glucose to right kind hypoglycemia no introduced bicarbonate so it may be used with milk or milk replacer restores standard frame fluid and electrolyte steadiness designed to stay abomasal pH low to lend a hand save you expansion of pathogenic micro organism supplies sodium acetate to right kind acidosis supplies maximum electrolyte and water absorption Hydra-Lyte accommodates: potassium sodium acetate sodium chloride sodium citrate dextrose glycine glucose Dosage: Provide 2 quarts option to calves and foals two times day by day for the primary 2 days, then on days 3 and 4 combine 1 qt. answer with 1 qt. milk or milk replacer. Lambs require 1/four of the above dosage.


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