Husqvarna 967623603 Automower Install Kit, Large

A continuous loop wire encloses the entire yard and connects to the Base Station
Detailed installation instructions can be found within the product
For use with Husqvarna Automower

Deploy kits that comes with Loop Cord, Staples, Splicers and Connectors in numerous numbers and period, Appropriate on your garden. Huge Deploy Package – Appropriate for open garden spaces of max 5000 m2 or advanced garden spaces of max 2500 m2. Comprises Loop Cord x 400m / Staples x 600pcs / Splicers x 5pcs / Connectors x 5pcs
A continuing loop Cord encloses all the backyard and connects to the Base Station
Targeted Deploy directions may also be discovered inside the product
To be used with Husqvarna Automower
1312ft. lope Cord, 600 staples


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