HONDA VersAttach Hedge Tri

Ideal for cutting and shaping shrubs and hedges
VersAttach System – multitool flexibility
Pairs with both the UMC425 and UMC435 Powerheads

The hedge trimmer attachment makes your VersAttach powerhead right into a heavy responsibility hedge trimmer appropriate for each residential and business use. Whether or not you’re shaping small trees or taming tall hedges, the Versattach hedge trimmer attachment is true for the activity. It comprises an adjustable joint that pivots each left and proper, to make sure convenience and maneuverability. The hedge trimmer’s blades are double sided, making it simple to chop and sculpt by way of shifting it left or proper. The hedge trimmer attachment is a part of Honda’s unique VersAttach Gadget. It’s interchangeable with any of 5 different choices: trimmer, edger, pruner, cultivator, and blower.
Perfect for chopping and shaping shrubs and hedges
VersAttach Gadget – multitool flexibility
Pairs with each the UMC425 and UMC435 Powerheads
SureLoc Gadget: Twist, lock, and pass!
Fast acceleration and superb torque for hard jobs


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