Handheld Metal Detector High Sensitivity Needle Detector Needle Scanner Iron Detector

Has a low sensitivity a key regulatory function , sound and light alarm simultaneously ;
Made of high quality carbon fiber anti-static conductive plastic production carton ;
Easy to operate , lightweight and easy to carry, high sensitivity detector ;

Usage Scope:
1, may also be knitting, clothing , socks , clothing , leather, shoes and so thin, small pieces of goods for breakage detection, can quickly in finding the suitable iron needles falling off decapitation .
2, can be utilized for hardware buttons and other apparel accessories for inspection of ferromagnetic impurities , high sensitivity is an identical to the so-referred to as 8-10 grade, low sensitivity level an identical to five-8 Needle ( high-sensitivity detection of 0.5 ~ 0.8mm suitable for textile inspection , low- sensitivity detection for applications requiring a low 0.9-1.2mm metal zippers and buttons shoe , leather, nail class detection probe used ) .
3, the pharmaceutical , food , chemical raw materials detection of ferromagnetic materials
4 , may also be of picket , walls, tables within the nail , steel , pipe inspection presence .
5, may also be at the human body , animals and other work-related injuries , cuts, crushing, and other parts for inspections whether or not its internal iron infiltrated the damaging substance .
6 , can be utilized to check up on the border customs posts , public servants being seized rapid search of hidden weapon .
The primary parameters:
Model MODEL ST-30C type
Detection method Detection method magnetic induction Detection Sensitivity Detection ability upscale Fe?0.5mm-0.8mm; low 0.9-1.2mm
Low and high induction Detection adjustment adjustment adjustment
Detection width Detection width 50mm
Detecting height Detection hight 100mm – 300mm
Alarm sound and light-weight alarm Alarm method
Power Power supply 6F22-9V battery
Pated output power standby <5mA, sound and light-weight alarm <30mA
Dimensions Dunension 190 × 52 × 42mm ( length × width × height )
Internet Weight about 280G

We can arrange the shipment in 2-4 working days and it takes some other 5-9 working days to succeed in you.
Has a low sensitivity a key regulatory serve as , sound and light-weight alarm concurrently ;
Fabricated from top of the range carbon fiber anti-static conductive plastic production carton ;
Simple to operate , lightweight and Simple to hold, high sensitivity detector ;
The usage of imported high-end digital chip , performance is more stable and sturdy ;
Can as it should be identify the needle ( metal ) location ;


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