Fruit Fly 32 oz. Insect Culture Cups (100 Pack) with Vented Fabric Lids

You get (100) 32 oz. Translucent Round Containers and Vented Fabric Lids
Perfect containers for Fruit Fly Cultures and Worm cultures.
Each cup is constructed of food-grade plastic.

Those are the Tradition cups we use in making our personal cultures that we send out to our shoppers that acquire both the Melanogaster or Hydei fruit flies. See different listings on Amazon: Fruit Fly Starter Tradition (Flightless – Drosophila Hydei) + FREE Fruit Fly Equipment or Fruit Fy Starter Tradition (Wingless-Drosophila Melanogaster) Plus FREE Fruit Fly Equipment.
You get (one hundred) 32 oz.. Translucent Spherical Boxes and Vented Material Lids
Very best Boxes for Fruit Fly Cultures and Malicious program cultures.
Every cup is built of meals-grade plastic.
The Cup lids are vented with a bite-resistant Material to stay bugs in, whilst offering necessary air stream.
Additionally to be had in 20 Percent.


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