Forno Allegro Wood Fired Pizza Oven – Nonno Peppe

Available exclusively In Hammered Copper
Made in Italy
Solid terracotta clay oven floor100% Pure stainless steel

Made in Italy from one hundred% pure stainless-steel . The Nonno Peppe comes boxed chimney included and in a position to head you just want a few picket. And at just 65kgs your gorgeous picket fired oven may also be easily be incorporated into you garden or patio house. The Nonno Peppe is To be had exclusively in hammered copper finish. Stainless Steel —————– The thermally insulated stainless-steel dome delivers warmth fast and slow cool downs even as also being extremely fuel efficient. With only a small quantity of picket our ovens may be able to succeed in 300C in 5 minutes. Ovens manufactured from clay and more than a few refractory materials are susceptible to cracking which affects performance through the years our stainless-steel construction won’t crack no loss in performance and with the added benefit of being utterly immune to harsh weather elements typical in Britain. The Nonno Peppe oven floor ——————————– The Nonno Peppe solid slab oven floor base is home made terracotta bricks (in Italy “baked earth”) constituted of in moderation decided on clays and in the neighborhood sourced volcanic lava sand. The terracotta bricks are in a position to reaching optimum cooking temperatures in around 20 minutes.
To be had exclusively In Hammered Copper
Made in Italy
Solid terracotta clay oven floor100% Pure stainless-steel


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