Fisher Gold Bug DP Metal Detector

Threshold and Gain Adjustments
1/4 and 1/8-Inch Headphone Jacks
1 – 9V Power Supply Lightest Weight / Best Ergonomics in the Industry. 2 Search Modes: All Metal and Discriminate

Fisher Gold Bug® Professional Unearths the smallest gold nuggets in highly mineralized soils V-Break TM; Business’s First Variable Breakpoint tone discrimination system Flooring Take hold of®, Automated Flooring Balancing Real-Time Automated Flooring balancing V.C.O. Audio in All Steel & Discrimination Mode Unbiased regulate over Treshold & Acquire Continuous Flooring Condition Readouts Flooring Segment worth signifies form of mineralization Fe3O4 graphic signifies quantity of mineralization Static Pinpoint with depth indicator Twin Headphone Jacks 19kHz Working Frequency Ultra-Easy User Interface Ultra-Light-weight (2.5 lbs.)
Threshold and Acquire Changes
1/four and 1/8-Inch Headphone Jacks
1 – 9V Energy Provide Lightest Weight / Highest Ergonomics within the Business. 2 Search Modes: All Steel and Discriminate
Massive LCD Reveal with zero-ninety nine Numeric Target Identification Show


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