Falcon MD20 Metal Detector

Falcon MD20, has turn out to be an industry standard for electronic probes of a wide variety. Its high frequency of 300 kHz and unique electronic design have given it superb ability to seek out super fine gold particles that other detectors and probes can’t find. The Falcon can find particles of gold barely visible with the human eye. The Falcon MD20 Probe is water-resistant making it ideal for searching shallow water for gold. The Falcon MD20 Regulate Box isn’t water-resistant. The Falcon’s superior ability to detect gold, silver, copper, platinum and other valuable metals in rock formations give you the prospector with a tool unavailable until now. Historically, tailing piles were created by miners selecting good ore from “worthless rocks” by sight on my own. Millions of dollars of valuable ore were discarded for the reason that miner couldn’t see the metal!! Those metals are still lying in those tailings piles looking ahead to any individual with the electronic sight of a Falcon. Falcon Metal Detectors is now announcing the latest member of the circle of relatives, the MD20. With improved sensitivity and more power, the MD20 series of Falcons will give the up to date prospector the ability to seek out gold in places never before detectable. Small enough to slot in you pocket and rugged enough for use within the field, the MD20 might be a essential tool for each and every serious prospector. Works super as a pin-pointer while you detect a target, or use as a detector on my own in tight areas. Just cary the Falcon along at the same time as you might be detecting along with your swinger and when things get too tight between the rocks or crevices or you might be on a target in a deep hole the Falcon will find GOLD others will miss! One very useful application is to make use of as a sampler before drywashing. Just put some sample pay dirt in a pan, run the Falcon Probe under the pan and see in the event you get any hits. It’s going to detect even the smallest amount of gold and assist you to know if its worth working the area! You save many hours of work by just working the productive areas!


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