Englander Pellet Stove Convection Blower PU-4C447

Room Air blower for Englander, Summers Warmth and Wood Ridge Pellet range indexed beneath: together with Corn/Multifuel Stoves, Pellet Application Furnace, Pellet Auxiliary Heater and2002 and later “Deluxe” freestanding and insert pellet fashions. Additionally “Imperial Pellet” fashions. (“Deluxe” fashions have louvers: 25-PDV and 25-PI, fifty five-SHP22, fifty five-SHP22L and fifty five-SHP20, fifty five-TRP22 and fifty five-TRP20, American Historical past) 25-EP, fifty five-SHPEP, fifty five-SHPEPL and fifty five-TRPEP Portions | 25-EPI, fifty five-SHPEPI, fifty five-SHPEPIL and fifty five-TRPEPI / 25-IP, 25-IPM, 25-IPS, fifty five-SHPIP, fifty five-SHPIPL, fifty five-SHPIPM, fifty five-SHPIPS and fifty five-TRPIP, fifty five-TRPIPM and fifty five-TRPIPS / 25-PAH, fifty five-SHPAH, fifty five-SHPAHL and fifty five-TRPAH / 25-PUF, fifty five-SHP240 and fifty five-TRP240 NOTE: For “Deluxe” fashions made ahead of 2002, see PU-4C442 Convection Blower


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