Efco Long Reach Extended Shaft Hedge Trimmer

Adjustable cutting system with 12 unique positions. (0 to 180 degrees)
Displacement 21.7cc
Weight 15 lb

The efco DS 2400 H Skilled shaft hedge trimmer was once designed for customers who must work on hedges, plants and bushes of above-reasonable height. The DS 2400 H supplies the most productive aggregate of efficiency and reliabilty. Double-sided blade fabricated from top quality metal and contours tri-tip enamel for the cleanest minimize. Simple On beginning system ensures clean and fast begins. Skilled grade power shaft with anti-vibrations bushings. All aluminum seize housing for reduced weight, whilst increasing energy and reliability.
Adjustable slicing system with 12 distinctive positions. (zero to 180 levels)
Displacement 21.7cc
Weight 15 lb
Blade Period 19.6″
Overall Period seventy one”


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