Echo 90097 RePower Fuel System Maintenance Kit

Genuine OEM Echo Part
Replaces: 900518
Includes:Fuel Line: V471001200, Fuel Line: V471001190, Fuel Return Line:13201256030, Fuel Grommet: V137000030, Fuel Filter: 13120507320, Vent: A356000030

Echo RePower Gasoline Device Repairs Package
Authentic OEM Echo Section
Replaces: 900518
Contains:Gasoline Line: V471001200, Gasoline Line: V471001190, Gasoline Go back Line:13201256030, Gasoline Grommet: V137000030, Gasoline Filter out: 13120507320, Vent: A356000030
Fast and Simple alternative of Gasoline traces and Filter out
Suits:GT-200EZR, GT-201EZR, GT-200i, GT-201i, GT-200R, GT-201R, PE-two hundred, PE-201, PPF-210, PPF-211, SRM-210, SRM-210i, SRM-210U, SRM-210SB, SRM-211, SRM-211i, SRM-211U, SRM-211SB


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