Dynamint DM2000 Udder Cream, 2 L

Non-greasy formula
Fast acting
Highly effective

Dynamint is a real oil and water emulsion which temporarily delivers healing and anti-bacterial properties in the course of the pores and skin and into the comfortable tissue. Peppermint oil stimulates the circulatory and immune systems and adds a pleasing smell. Eucalyptus and calendula oils are recognized for his or her anti-bacterial and pores and skin conditioning properties. The non-greasy water-based totally cream is smooth, gentle and applies temporarily and simply. Dynamint cream was once formulated to penetrate through osmosis and now not merely to stay on best of the outside like competitive merchandise. Used day by day at the udders of dairy cows, Dynamint is helping save you udder edema, mastitis and infections. Many dairymen report massaging of Dynamint to be as just right as an oxytocin injection for milk permit-down. Others report fewer and milder circumstances of mastitis which reduces the will for antibiotics. Dynamint is now licensed for organic dairies.
Non-greasy formula
Rapid acting
Highly efficient


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