Draminski Estrous Detector for Cows and Mares

Detects the most efficient moment for mating or insemination. Breeders advantages:
• Saving on time wanted for visual animal commentary
• Saving on useful sperm through mating or inseminating in optimal time
• Saving on fodder and abbreviation of duration between next pregnancies thru removing of silent warmth
• Confirming early pregnancy, facilitating correct remedy of the pregnant animal
The appropriate mating or insemination moment is the important thing to luck in breeding. The estrous detector is helping breeders resolve the precise moment of the estrous cycle while ovulation occurs (additionally on the subject of silent warmth). The detector defines the most efficient moment for mating and too can ensure early pregnancy. Measurements are taken just by correctly putting the probe within the vagina and taking the studying. Requires one 9V battery (included). Comes with instruction manual and plastic storage/elevate case.


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