DetectorPro Headhunter Pulse Metal Detector

Operating Search Frequency: adjustable
Searchcoil: 11-in round open-center
Headphone Transducers: permanently encapsulated high-output piezoelectric

The DetectorPro™ Headhunter Pulse steel detector is designed to punch deep in top mineral sand and salt prerequisites for gold. It is designed to accomplish in each salt and recent water. The Headhunter Pulse circuitry is managed via a singular frequency keep an eye on that re-tunes the sensitivity to be responsive to chose metals with out dropping its intensity towards the chosen steel.
Working Search Frequency: adjustable
Searchcoil: eleven-in spherical open-heart
Headphone Transducers: completely encapsulated top-output piezoelectric
Audio Frequency: adjustable
Headphone Earcups: Heavy-duty polymer complete ear encompass; additional relaxed cushy cushions, ambient noise blocking as much as 24 decibels, heavy-duty ear-to-ear wiring with new seals for additonal energy; heavier duty sealing plates; UW connector for interchangeable searchcoils


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