Cow 4x4Q Mastitis Detector by Draminski, 4 Quarters with Carry Case

portable and easy to make use of device that permits for the production of top of the range milk, leading edge 4-cup design with a 4-quarter display, is helping to detect an early stage of illness without visible symptoms (Mastitis Subclinica), detects medical condition one at a time for every quarter, displaying the adaptation between quarters and pointing to the only with the best risk from mastitis, lets in for effective prevention through fast udder condition monitoring, accelerates the verdict about remedy and shortens grace period, reduces the prices of keeping the herd in just right health condition, reduces financial losses related to production of milk, does now not require the usage of any chemicals investment for years. Principle of operation The detector measures changes within the electrical resistance of milk, as development of sub-clinical mastitis (asymptomatic stage) is accompanied by an increase in salt levels in milk, which comes to a change within the resistance. This rule is thought of as to be probably the most reliable indirect test in diagnosing Mastitis Subclinica. The test could be very easy: you wish to have to exploit the primary element of milk instantly from the teat to measuring cups press the button and read the outcome The set includes: DRAMIŃSKI MD4X4Q mastitis detector 1 x 9V 6F-22 type battery reusable transport packaging manual.


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