Camp Chef SG100 Deluxe steel fry griddle

Great for Large Groups
Covers all three burners
Great for pancakes and eggs

Whether or not you might be at the circle of relatives reunion or tailgate birthday party, infrequently you just must cook a large number of food for a large number of other folks. Regardless of the dimensions of the gang, the Professional Flat Best Griddle is large enough to get the job done. From cooking to wash up, the restaurant style sides and convenient grease drain make this griddle simple and simple to make use of. Warmth diffuser plates have been added to flippantly distribute Warmth and scale back hot spots at the griddle. The griddle comes pre-seasoned with Camp Chef’s “True Seasoned Finish” making a natural cooking surface that may be in a position to make use of out of the box.

Huge cooking area to take care of large groups and a lot of cooking
Heavy-duty steel construction
True Seasoned Finish steel griddle
Built-in Warmth diffuser plates distribute Warmth, do away with “hot-spots”
Top sides and grease drain
Convenient carry handle
This griddle fits over three burners on Camp Chef 16″ Cooking System stoves
Out of the box in a position to cook in seconds


Cooking Dimensions: 16″ x 38″ (592 sq. in)
Cooking Area: 608 sq in.
Overall Dimensions: 18″ x 38″
Weight: 42 lbs

Great for Large Groups
Covers all three burners
Great for pancakes and eggs
Grease tray captures and eliminates grease
Top wall design for simple cooking


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