Brussel’s DT3066AZ Satsuki Azalea Outdoor Bonsai Tree

Satsuki azalea bonsai; deciduous, outdoor tree
Grown as bonsai in Japan for centuries
Graceful trunk movement

With small, round leaves and large, pink flowers blooming from Would possibly to June, this broadleaf flowering bonsai is packed with stems for an exquisite late spring show. Regardless that the Satsuki Azalea has only one flower per stem, the shrub has such a lot of stems that all through the flowering season they’re an outstanding mass of color. Grown in Japan for centuries, the Satsuki Azalea’s graceful trunk movement adds distinct shape to the patio, deck or garden. This particular bonsai is 5 years old and stands 8 inches tall. Even if evergreens can also be displayed indoors for short periods of time, they want to experience seasonal changes and will have to be kept out of doors year round.

Brussels grows specimens only under carefully controlled conditions, meticulously training every tree with wire and pruning over a period of years. If upon the tree’s arrival some leaves have dropped or turned reasonably brown that doesn’t mean the bonsai is unhealthy. Defoliation is the natural result of being within the low-light environment of a shipping box. While you receive your tree, place the box in a shaded area to unpack. Check up on tree for damage to branches or leaves. Water soil if dry, and place the tree in shade for no less than one week before moving to a sunny location.

What is a Bonsai?
Literally, the Japanese word “bonsai” means “tray tree” or “plant grown in a pot.” The term refers back to the artistic techniques used to capture the natural great thing about trees, somewhat than a specific number of tree. A full-grown tree and a bonsai can also be grown from the similar seed–the bonsai has simply been dwarfed and shaped through years of training. For more info on care and training discuss with Brussel’s Bonsai at the Internet.
Satsuki azalea bonsai; deciduous, outside tree
Grown as bonsai in Japan for centuries
Graceful trunk movement
Pink, white, or red blooms in spring
5 years old, 8 inches tall


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