Brussel’s DT0107G Gardenia Outdoor Bonsai Tree

Gardenia bonsai; tropical, outdoor tree, blooms from March through June
Ships only within the U.S. except Arizona
Shiny, dark foliage; fragrant, white flowers

The Gardenia include complete white vegetation with a texture just like the greatest suede, shiny darkish foliage with unique veins, mythical odor – Gardenias have all of it. Those bushes bloom such a lot prolifically from March via June, with vegetation that emit a luxurious perfume, person who has been used for hundreds of years within the making of perfumes.
Gardenia bonsai; tropical, outside tree, blooms from March via June
Ships handiest inside the U.S. aside from Arizona
Glossy, darkish foliage; fragrant, white vegetation
Grown beneath moderately managed prerequisites
4 years antique, 6 to 8 inches tall; 10-inch, glazed, oval pot


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