Brick Pizza Oven from Grills’n Ovens LLC – New Model Coming Soon!

Brick pizza oven, wood fired, outdoor
Handmade in Portugal
Chimney with damper

Wooden Fired Outside Brick Pizza Oven Make a choice from black stone face or brick face (see pictures) See more models from Grills’n Ovens LLC. An actual brick oven, capisce? Like my grandmother used to have! For pizza, bread, lasagnas, slow roasts, calzones, focaccias + the whole thing your own home oven can do. This oven is hand constituted of clay bricks at the within, covered wth mineral wool insulation, metal mesh, and refractory cement. Floor is constituted of terracotta tiles, pizza is going right at the floor, no pizza stone is wanted. Within the base the 4 lifting eyes are hooked up to one another to permit safe lifting with engine hoist, bobcat, or unsuspecting friends. This oven is insulated, it is going to keep heat for hours and still be at 400-500F the following morning. In fact this is dependent upon the Wooden, length of fireside, Outside T, and so forth. The oven is fully finished and will remain as is. Then again if you want you’ll be able to easily refinish it by applying stucco, tiles, stone veneer, brick around it, or simply paint it. Portuguese ovens easily succeed in 900F and above for crusty pies in 90 seconds. The outside size of base is 39.3″x39.3″, interior diameter is approx. 30-31″, interior height approx. 20″, exterior height 30″, weight 1250 lb. Door is 14″ wide.
Brick pizza oven, Wooden fired, Outside
Home made in Portugal
Chimney with damper
Make a choice from stone or brick face
Steel door with placement for rotisserie


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