Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Ii Mtl Detcr

Lightweight, adjustable, ergonomic design for easy handling
Detect coin-sized objects up to 8″ deep and larger objects up to 3′
Powerful metal detector ideal for accurately detecting specific targets at depth

Bounty Hunter Fast Draw II Steel Detector Supplied with an impressive microchip laptop circuit and patented Bounty Hunter era, the Bounty Hunter Fast Draw II Steel Detector identifies particular objectives at depth with super accuracy. The detector features a virtual 9-phase possible target ID that identifies quite a lot of objectives, at the side of three-tone audio comments. The unit additionally provides a virtual possible coin depth indicator that determines how deep a target is buried.
Light-weight, adjustable, ergonomic design for simple handling
Detect coin-sized objects as much as 8″ deep and bigger objects as much as 3′
Tough Steel detector perfect for as it should be detecting particular objectives at depth
Movement all-Steel, progressive discrimination, notch, and auto notch modes
Preset flooring steadiness neutralizes response to mineral content within the flooring


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