Bosch BAT837 36-Volt Lithium-Ion Fat Pack Battery

Up to 5 times longer cycle life than competitive Lithium-Ion batteries
Up to 2X longer run time than competitive Lithium-Ion
Unique Cool Pack Design – Advanced heat conductive housing keeps battery cooler

The BAT837 36-Volt Lithium-ion battery gives extra energy and As much as 2x extra runtime over 18-Volt. Large energy in a lighter weight package deal, better cellphone density, no reminiscence impact and the facility to recharge at any time within the discharge cycle, makes Lithium-ion the very best battery generation.
As much as 5 occasions longer cycle lifestyles than aggressive Lithium-Ion batteries
As much as 2X longer run time than aggressive Lithium-Ion
Distinctive Cool Percent Layout – Complex warmth conductive housing assists in keeping battery cooler


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