Battery Fukuda FC-1760, 12.0V / 3000mAh mAh

Capacity: 3000mAh / 36.0Wh
Type: Ni-MH
Volts: 12V

Battery Fukuda FC-1760, 12.0V / 3000mAh mAh
Please make sure each Type and battery Phase Quantity are matched along with your software.

– Suitable Type:

– Suitable Battery Phase Quantity:
FUKUDA 10KR-2300FO, 10N-1700SCR, MD-BY03,

– RoHS authorized for poisonous loose.
– CE and ISO9001 Certificates for high quality insurance.
Capability: 3000mAh / 36.0Wh
Sort: Ni-MH
Volts: 12V
Measurement : 111.93 x 45.33 x 43.26 mm
Certificated with ISO9001, RoHS & CE


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